8 Things We Did to Make Our Website Super Fast

Before we started revamping our website, we asked ourselves: What defines us better? A website that tests our visitors’ patience? Or, a website that’s lightning fast? We don’t like slow websites, and we know no fancy loading spinner can make up for the frustration that such a website delivers. To make sure our website load fast on your device, we leveraged these 8 effective web performance techniques.
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Toph Case Study

Toph is a modern sport programming platform where you can participate in exhilarating contests, solve unique challenges and be a part of an awesome community. The Challenge: Building a Secure and Scalable App Toph required a secure mechanism for executing and evaluating arbitrary code submitted by the users, and a robust architecture that scales easily on-demand. Solution Our development team had to the address a number of challenges: Executing arbitrary user submitted code in a secure environment.
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